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AGN-S1 SOLD Kindle black 2_edited_edited
The Contest kindle black 2_edited_edited

Coming November 2023

'SOLD' -  Annual Game Night OV Darkvserse Anthology


They took our free will.


Now, we will take what they treasure most. For too long, we have allowed ourselves to be chained. To be denied our birthright.


No longer.


Tonight, we hunt, the way our Alpha forefathers did. Driven by pure instinct, no Omega will be spared our feral desires. But for some of us, not just any Omega will do. There are those whose scents drive us to distraction, whose very existence calls to something deep and primal within us. And there is no price we will not pay to finally claim them.


Sold is a dark omegaverse romance anthology that may not be suitable for all readers. Please read the author's note to determine if this anthology is too much for you.



Is part of the 'SOLD', season 1 of the Annual Game Night OV Darkvserse Anthology.


Set in a near future dystopian OV world that has been brought to the brink of destruction by rampaging alphas. In 'The Contest', Cain Nobel, an ex-elite soldier now Assistant Sector Prosecutor, competes in a gladiatorial contest to win the omega of his choice. Only he didn't factor in on the venues desk clerk (Reid Chambers) an omega masquerading illegally as a beta catching his eye and throwing him off his game. Now Cain has to fight to protect what’s his.


MM Darkverse OV Romance featuring a Veteran with both mental and physical scares and a burning resentment for bureaucracy.



Featured authors include:

Mia Z Staysails, Kitt Lynn, Rowan Kingston, Whitnay Edes, K. C. Carmine, Raven B Stone, Stephanie N. Knight, Isabelle G. Snow, S.L. Greyback, Mae Pierce, LeTeisha Newton, Tabitha Black, Ambrose Cross, Madden Kole, T S Little, Marilize Roos, Demi Lane, Lenore Danvers, Jade Marshall, Tia Fanning, A W Turner, J.S. Lawliss, KD Michaels, & Zelda Knight


Knotty Xmas PNR 2023 Kindle black 2_edit
Black Friday Black Kindle 2_edited.jpg

Coming November 2023

Oh So Knotty: An Omegaverse PNR Holiday Anthology

Knotty is definitely the new nice.


Knotty is definitely the new nice. Forget everything you think you know about the holidays. These Alphas aren't here to just spread yule tidings, they're also here to bring you scent-tillating, growly, and possessive heat that you just want to wrap yourself in.


Just like a classic festive sweater. Bask in the holiday essence as it coats every available surface. With holiday shenanigans, heats, nestings, and knottings, there's bound to be something in here to tickle your.... fancy.


If you want something other than coal stuffing your stocking, make sure to not miss out on this limited run, PNR, holiday anthology!





Brady–Omega Ocelot


Brady’s an omega with a problem - his heat’s coming up and he can’t afford a heat coach. Brady’s got a plan to buy this season ‘must have’ toy and sell it for a profit, hoping to make enough to afford a heat coach. Only his apartment heater broke, turning it into an igloo. Now he’s stuck with a tough decision: spend money on his heat or heat the apartment…


Greyson–Alpha Coyote

Greyson, the single dad, wishes his life was as easy to fix as the heaters he repairs. When Grey came to fix Brady’s boiler, he could hardly keep his hands to himself. When he figures out that Brady’s the omega, he’s met twice already. Grey can’t help but offered to do more than just fix one heater.



Part of the 'Oh So Knotty' Anthology - A MM festive PNR OV Romance with a Grumpy Alpha, demanding pups, annoying sister and a HEA.

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