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Coming Spring 2024

Knotty Arrangements: An Arranged/Forced Marriage PNR Omegaverse Anthology

Forced marriages, forced bonds, and forced love. Weddings take a darker turn when passions run as hot as tempers. Ravenous appetites reign supreme, and no one is safe from their baser urges. But what will happen when the fur flies and fangs snap?

Here comes the bride… kicking and screaming down the aisle.

Knotty Arrangements is a darker, pnr omegaverse anthology that explores love on the darker side. Some themes may not be appropriate for all readers. Use caution when consuming these depraved stories.

Enjoy stories from:

Cheyenne Browning, Ella Black, Teegan Wylde, A W Turner, Zelda Knight
Juniper Kerry, S.L. Greyback, Katherine St. Vincent, Imani Jay



Marital Takeover



Ever feel like you have no control over your own life? No? Well, lucky you! Unfortunately, both Robert Caplin and Jasper Norton can’t say the same, only for different reasons.


Jasper’s the youngest son of the North City Pack’s Alpha and Altalune Inc. CEO Silas Norton, a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, which is more power, prestige the downfall of Caplin Enterprises and a return to wolves at the top of the shifter hierarchy. Even if that means forcing his least favourite son into a marriage of alliance with another Pack Alpha’s daughter.


There are two problems with that plan. First off, Jasper is gay and second, his fated mate is Robert Caplin, the city’s most eligible bachelor, most successful venture capitalist and… Dragon shifter.


Robert’s life is all about business, building his portfolio and expanding his hoard. Only everything he’s built is under threat. Not just by his rivals, but from within Caplin Enterprises. The day Jasper Norton walks into his office, Robert is knocked for a loop. The son of his bitter business rival just so happens to be his fated mate. Could things get any worse?


Marital Takeover is a MM forced/arranged marriage romance with an older business focussed Dragon and a younger demur, bullied and down trodden Alpha Wolf. Add in a dash of denial, betrayal and obsession, along with a touch of spice and serve with thunder.


Cover - The Contest - AGN S1 - NEW Cover v4 WHITE LOGO Bold title.jpg

Available for pre-order now - Release 14 June




An Annual Game Night Darkverse MM Romance 


Set in a near future dystopian OV world that has been brought to the brink of destruction by rampaging alphas. In 'The Contest', Cain Nobel, an ex-elite soldier now Assistant Sector Prosecutor, competes in a gladiatorial contest to win the omega of his choice. Only he didn't factor in on the venues desk clerk (Reid Chambers) an omega masquerading illegally as a beta catching his eye and throwing him off his game. Now Cain has to fight to protect what’s his.


Book 1 in a continuing series.  MM  DARK Omegaverse romance shared world within The Annual Game Night series. Featuring a Veteran with both mental and physical scares and a burning resentment for bureaucracy.

Please read the author's note to determine if this story is too much for you. 


Book 2 in this series - The Hunt



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Available for pre-order now



Brady–Omega Ocelot


Brady’s an omega with a problem - his heat’s coming up and he can’t afford a heat coach. Brady’s got a plan to buy this season ‘must have’ toy and sell it for a profit, hoping to make enough to afford a heat coach. Only his apartment heater broke, turning it into an igloo. Now he’s stuck with a tough decision: spend money on his heat or heat the apartment…


Greyson–Alpha Coyote

Greyson, the single dad, wishes his life was as easy to fix as the heaters he repairs. When Grey came to fix Brady’s boiler, he could hardly keep his hands to himself. When he figures out that Brady’s the omega, he’s met twice already. Grey can’t help but offered to do more than just fix one heater.



Part of the 'Oh So Knotty' Anthology - A MM festive PNR OV Romance with a Grumpy Alpha, demanding pups, annoying sister and a HEA.

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