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A W Turner  & Bethany Marcs Books

This section features Male/Male Contemporary Romance Novels


OUT OF ORDER - Cover april - AWT - BM.jpg
Out Of  Order

It started suddenly, one minute Luca was standing waiting for the lift to stop at the ground floor.  The next he was gripping the hand rail for all he was worth and praying that the grinding noise he could hear wasn’t the elevator mechanism breaking apart.  It seemed he was the last one from his office to leave and knew no one would be heading down from his floor.  The lift lurched and then felt like it was dropping in a freefall.  ….Oh Sh*t!  I’m either going to die or be stuck in this thing all night. 


This is a short MM romance story about two men both trapped in the office overnight… Sometime being stuck in an elevator isn’t a bad thing.

Daddy Issues - cover june 21.jpg
Daddy Issues

Bi Stepdad, Gay Stepson Romance Collection


What is it about forbidden fruit that makes you crave a taste?  Sometimes you can help who you fall in love with.


9 Short Novella's with all the Steamy Romance you could ever want with a seductive touch of the Taboo.


  • Internet Browsing 

  • Blowing Bubbles

  • Broken Home

  • Night Owl

  • Teach Me

  • Party Crasher

  • Car Wash

  • Pool Guy

  • Birthday Boy


This is a collection MM Taboo lover’s story that all end with a HEA

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