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This section features Male/Male Urban Fantasy, Omegaverse, Paranormal Mythical Romance Novels



Office Jinx cover - v2.jpg

Book 1

💫⭐️Office Jinx - Hexcuses⭐️💫





To have one Boss resign would be considered – unfortunate, to have two leave – lightning striking twice? But three... there can only be one reason, I’m a Jinx!


When my first boss retired early with bad health, I thought nothing of it, when the second was asked to resign, I started to think something was going on.  When I found my third boss in so many years in tears. I got that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. No one else at Newton Industries had had this problem with keeping their boss - only me.  That told me there was more going on here than I was aware of.  Either I had become a bad-luck charm or the senior management team were up to something. One way or another I was determined to keep my next boss in his job. Then I could turn my attention back to why all my desk pens go missing and find out who keeps reprogramming my desk phone ring tone to 'Another one bites the dust'.  I might even have time to find myself a lust interest who's not my boss.



One moment I'm am paranormal investigator who works for a branch of the government specializing in corporate espionage, the next I'm talked in to going undercover at my Grandfather's company to spy on his CEO.  My new assistant, Ryan is convinced its him, that somehow he's bringing bad luck down on his bosses. There's something going on here, something I can't quite get my head around. But if its one thing I know for sure, this is not Ryan's fault.  The confusing desire to kiss him however is.


A paranormal MM Office Romance with a vengeful Succubus, a stressed out male Personal Assistant with a crush on a not-so-straight new boss - who’s a corporate spy. Throw in a hex, a board level conspiracy for world domination...not to mention an exploding photocopier.

Office Jinx 2 - Coffee and Chaos 2.png

Book 2

💫⭐️Office Jinx – Coffee and Chaos ⭐️ 💫

Would you trade your soul to a demon for 15 years of Career success?

Well, Charles Ravenwood Snr did.


Charlie - Barista ☕️🍩

When I was seven years old, I met a demon my father summoned. I wasn’t scared. Why should I be? He didn’t seem scary to me. He had a pretty glow around him and he made me feel safe. An odd sensation, now I think back on it. I’ve not really felt safe since, and not around my father, who refers to me as his biggest disappointment. He wanted a super-star athlete or an academic over-achiever. What he got was a bespectacled dyslexic barista.


Karriel - Demon 😈

I knew the moment I was summoned that the human was one of the worst sorts, a corporate ladder climber willing to trade his soul to get ahead in business. His son, however, was a pure soul shining with goodness. He drew me like a moth to a flame. I knew then that I would do all that was in my power to keep him safe. No matter what the cost. How could I not? He was destined to be my mate.

Coffee & Chaos is the second in the Office Jinx Series and is a dual POV MM Paranormal Romance with a Dyslexic Introverted Barista, an overbearing Corporate Climbing Father, a… Demon and a Soul Hunter. Oh, and Ryan and Jack will be in there too!


Cover - Office Jinx 3 - Losing Game v1.jpg

Book 3

💫⭐️Office Jinx – Losing Game ⭐️ 💫


SAM (Intern) 

I was attracted to strength and charisma, it didn’t hurt that the man I was currently fantasizing about seemed to have both, only he was a candidate running for office against my boss. Me wanting to suck on his d*ck was a complication I didn’t need. The man’s views were the opposite of mine. We were too different, and just because I was Bi, that didn’t suggest he was too. Even if he was looking at me like he wanted to devour me. But I had to confide in someone, otherwise I was going to lose my mind as well as my job.


MAMMON (Demon Prince)

I'm not sure how I allowed myself to be drawn into this farce. It's not as if I don't already have enough work on my plate. But when I was pulled into a discussion about Mervin Cross, I was intrigued. Just how had the human managed to amass such a fortune without seeking out demonic intervention. The more I heard the more convinced I was that he was destined for the lake of fire and cheated hell out of his soul. So, when Karriel suggested that I help Jack and Ryan with a scheme to bring down Mervin Cross I couldn't help myself. My role was to offer myself up as a political rival swaying voters just enough for Cross's popularity to slip. The fact that I had to distract his digital campaign manager enough for Jack to find the evidence he needed to crack the Lucem and Mervin Cross apart was just a bonus. Only I'd never expected him to be my mate.


Losing Game is the third in the Office Jinx Series and is a multi POV MM Paranormal Romance with a mind-reading political science major turned intern, turned campaign manager, a boss who's a megalomaniac and a demon Prince playing at politics. Oh, and Ryan and Jack along with their crazy band of misfits will be in there too!


Cupids Fountain - cover wolf moon NEW-Q.jpg
Cupids Fountain


MMM Omegaverse Romance Quinn is a desperate Omega who will do anything to bond with his reluctant mate, even kidnap a Prince…



My twenty first birthday was around the corner, and I still haven’t found my Alpha mate. It’s not like I haven’t tried to find him. I have. I’ve tried everything I can think of - from speed dating to Apps and everything else in between, only none of the guys I met made my mate mark tingle. There’s only one option left, and that’s an old wives' tale about Cupid’s Fountain. But I’m getting desperate, if I can’t find him in time I’ll be packed off to the commune for un-wed omegas, a fate almost worse than death.



When I was twelve my mate mark appeared – it was fates way of telling me my Omega was now out there for me to find. But a mate mark means nothing to me, like it meant nothing to my omega father who left me behind with a monster. I neither want nor have time for a mate. Who will only get in the way of me performing my duty, a duty I have sworn to uphold till death. I’m the bodyguard to the 2nd Prince of Eminiar. If he hasn’t got a mate mark, then I don’t need one either.


Prince Sebastian

All I’ve ever wanted was someone to love and adore, only fate hasn’t blessed me with the mark. My best friend and body guard Alexi has one that he doesn’t want. If only he’d realize what true happiness awaited him he’d have second thoughts. If I can’t have my happy ever after, then I’ll use every power I have to make sure he has his – whether he wants it or not.


With Quinn and Sebastian working together, Alexi doesn’t stand a chance.

Cupids Fountain is a multi POV, MMM Omegaverse fate mate romance, with a love starved prince, a stubborn bodyguard and a plucky omega.

Baby Clause 4 - brecken logo.jpg
🧑‍🎄The Baby Clause 🧑‍🎄


MM Shifter Omegaverse story between two alphas, both who thought they’d be spending Christmas day alone, only fate and a Stork had other plans for them.


Jerry Bucannon – 🦊 Fox shifter, Mr No-Drama.

Who would have thought that I’d end up sitting in a log cabin in the woods of Colorado? Not me, that’s for sure. I’d escaped the city in the hope of leading a drama-free life. All it took was one sexy grumpy Sheriff, a snowstorm and an unexpected Christmas gift left on my doorstep to turn my quiet Christmas and my quiet life upside down.



Sheriff Mason Carmichael – 🐺 Wolf pack leader and town grump.

The bane of my existence was parked across two bays, which meant Jerry Bucannon was in town. I wasn’t sure which I liked least—him or his sparkly orange car that made my eyes hurt just looking at it. Unfortunately, its owner was just as eye-catching, which annoys me even more. When a frantic call for help on Christmas day has me rushing to his rescue, my plan to ignore him goes by the wayside… because he’s being held captive by a baby!


CURSED - A W TURNER 2023 New.jpg

A MM Wolf-shifter, Mpreg, Fated Mate Romance



Karl Iain Thomas Ross—or as his few friends call him, Kit Ross—lives in a quiet and remote part of Scotland. Why does he live in a quiet and remote part of Scotland? Because of a riot his numpty cousin stirred up, of course. Now he’s stuck oot in the middle of nowhere, and cursed to boot! What’s a wolf shifter to do when he’s horny as hell and looking for a fated mate he’s pretty sure doesn’t exist? Especially when he keeps getting caught up in his cousin’s own evil plans? This is a fated mates, mpreg MM love story with a bit of hexing, mad jealousy, a douse of revenge and a few orgies…but a guaranteed HEA



Cover - ghost of a chance - Cover 4 NEW HOUSE.jpg
Ghost of a Chance



It was that time of year again, I just knew Steve my bestie was going to drag me out to another Halloween Party, all loud music and a crush of bodies, same as last year and the year before that.  How did I know for sure that it was going to happen again this year?  Easy, October 31st is Steve's birthday and he loves to party.  I hated parties, I hated large groups of strange drunk people trying to make a pass at me.  Why couldn't Steve just party at home with beer, pizza and Netflix, alone - the way I preferred to spend my birthday and pretty much every other night. But this year it seems Steve wanted to do something a little different, this year he was going to take me on a Ghost Hunt.  I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the night without laughing my ass off.  I was the most jaded, sceptical person he knew, what the hell was he thinking?  Anyway there's no such things as Ghosts.

When I was alive I never sat down, never really stopped.  I was always on the go, I loved to hike, climb mountains - small ones, I wasn't good with heights, which is sort of ironic as I was tall, not freaky tall but a good solid kind of tall.  I loved to be with people, being around people was my happy place, keeping busy.  Now I had all the time in the world and I spent every day alone, alone in my house, the house where I died.  Then, one night a group of excited people turned up pointing cameras around and calling out 'Is ANYONE THERE' ... Like they expected spirits to suddenly appear just because they asked.  All except one guy, he stood out from the rest, he was quiet, he was cute as hell and I felt an instant pull towards him.  I wasn't sure how I was going to get his attention but I was going to a find a way, after all it was Halloween and I'm a Ghost.


Ordering In cover - Nov 18 redesign v3.j
Ordering In


Just how does an anti-social grump of a Vampire get his needs met? Before the days of the internet he went out and found it in dark alley or in smoky rooms. But since there were camera's everywhere these days, he decided to take advantage of technology and order in everything he needed, food and new TVs mostly. As he kept smashing them rather than changing the channel every time a vampire film was showing. Only living alone and never leaving the house made it harder to find someone to talk to let alone someone to warm his bed at night.

Cover - Night Hunter - Cover - new NEW jake v7.jpg
Night Hunter - New England Vampire Part 1




Haunted by the death of his cousin Jake sets out to seek a new life only to find love and death collide when he meets Vikta a mysterious gambler. Night Hunter is a Cowboys meets Vampire, Victorian period MM Romance with a HEA.



I was haunted by the memory of what my uncle had done to my cousin, Freddy after he passed. I’d never thought the town would be swept up in superstition or fall back to the old ways. Still, rumours sprang up, gossip and tall tales travelled faster than the legs that carried them. I didn’t believe them, of course, but who wouldn't be shocked at the thought of Vampires! 



I’d come to the new world for a new life, one where my kind would not be hunted just because we existed. In all my time I had yet to find a human who was worthy of becoming my forever Paramour. Yet one man, only a little more than a boy was set to prove me wrong.



This is part 1 of a dual POV MM Vampire Romance set in 1800 Rhode Island, with cowboys, a gambler, a spreading sickness and a mysterious stranger with haunting eyes. Its low angst and has a HEA. Inspired by a newspaper article from 1817 - New England Vampire.




Manotaur - cover v7 JULY 23.jpg

He went to kill a beast, not fall in love…

So you think you know the legend of the Minotaur in the Labyrinth? Well what if it really happened, just not the way they said it did? What if it was a story of love and sacrifice, what then?


Theseus - Wanted to do more with his life than train with the palace guards and bed anyone he pleased. He wanted to be known as a prince who’d spare his people’s suffering, by offering up himself as a sacrifice to the Minotaur. He had one objective, enter the labyrinth and kill the beast, saving Athens. He’d also prefer death to an arranged marriage.


Minotaur - The labyrinth was both his prison and his refuge, his arrogance had reduced him to being a pawn in the struggle between kings and gods. He was almost powerless to change his fate, but he could decide it for others. Surely there was someone out there willing to see him as more than the Minotaur. Someone willing to fall in love and break his curse.


This is a multi POV, HEA MM Beauty and the Beast version of the Greek myth, it’s a foe to lover’s story and contains strong sexual content and is intended for Adults Only . It also contains Gods, Fawns, and a bratty Princess and a large ball of string

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