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This section features the straight or Male/Female Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural Romance novels


Picture perfect dec 20 - new cover desig
Picture Perfect

ISBN : 107576761X


Death cant stop true love, so when Deanna is coaxed into planning her best friends budget wedding she's on the hunt for a cheap but fabulous venue.  What she finds is the man of her dreams, a man of nightmares and ghosts from the past that give way to a happy ever after. 


Picture Perfect is a past lives-reincarnation story that switches between the Victorian past and present packed full of murder, blackmail, passion a vengeful ghost and an unscrupulous property developer.

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Not too old for this gig - A W TURNER 20
Not Too Old For This Gig


When Sonja’s fiancé left her for a younger woman after 8 years she thought it was because at 36 she was too old and no longer sexy, not that her rat of an ex ever called her attractive.

Beth had spent 6 months seeing her best friend wear nothing but baggy black clothes and hide away at home like she was in mourning.  She’d had enough – time for this pity party to end!   After all, the only thing that had died was a relationship and she personally thought it had been on ‘life support’ as it was.    It was time for an intervention, some new clothes, a bit of hair colour and a touch of make-up and she’d turn this frumpy duckling into a sexy swan and prove to Sonja that she wasn’t too old…  This is a younger man old woman love story with a HEA.

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