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Night Hunter - New England Vampire Part 1


Haunted by the death of his cousin Jake sets out to seek a new life only to find love and death collide when he meets Vikta a mysterious gambler. Night Hunter is a Cowboys meets Vampire, Victorian period MM Romance with a HEA.



I was haunted by the memory of what my uncle had done to my cousin, Freddy after he passed. I’d never thought the town would be swept up in superstition or fall back to the old ways. Still, rumours sprang up, gossip and tall tales travelled faster than the legs that carried them. I didn’t believe them, of course, but who wouldn't be shocked at the thought of Vampires! 



I’d come to the new world for a new life, one where my kind would not be hunted just because we existed. In all my time I had yet to find a human who was worthy of becoming my forever Paramour. Yet one man, only a little more than a boy was set to prove me wrong.



This is part 1 of a dual POV MM Vampire Romance set in 1800 Rhode Island, with cowboys, a gambler, a posse, death and a mysterious stranger with haunting eyes. Its low angst and has a HEA. Inspired by a newspaper article from 1817 - New England Vampire.

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