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Kit Ross, well actually its Karl Iain Thomas Ross, but K.I.T, to my friends. I’m now 26 and ah live in a quiet and remote part of Scotland. Why do ah live in a quiet and remote part of Scotland? Because ah left town to avoid a riot that my cousin stirred up.  So here ah am oot in the middle of nowhere by meself trying to figure oot what the hell ta do with me life and how ta get home and feeling as horny as hell.   Why am I horny as hell, well I'm a gay Werewolf Shifter who's been cursed!  Aye I did say Cursed, well a part of me has, I'm sure you can guess which part.... and the only way to break it and rejoin my pack is to find my fated mate and I'm pretty sure they don't exist.  This a same sex love story with a HEA and a bit of hexing, mad jealously and orgies along the way.

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